brian michael riley - actor

Production: Fox on the Fairway

Role: Henry Bingham

Produced by: Milford Arts Council/Eastbound Theatre

Directed by: Kevin Pelkey




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Production: Good People

Role: Mikey Dillon

Produced by: Square One Theatre, CT

Directed by: Tom Holehan




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Production: The Rocky Horror Experience

Role: Brad Majors

Produced by: Bridgeport Theatre Company, CT

Directed by: Gina Lariccia


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Production: God of Carnage

Role: Michael

Produced by: Carriage House Arts Center, CT

Directed by: Melinda Zupaniotis


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Production: Of Mice and Men

Role: Lennie

Produced by: Town Players of New Canaan, CT

Directed by: Julie Petrak


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Production: Dracula

Role: Dracula

 Produced by: Bridgeport Theatre Company, CT

Directed by: Maggie Pangrazio


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Production: Catastrophe

Produced by: The Young Mechanics Theatre Ensemble

Directed by: James Leaf


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Production: Doubt

Role: Father Flynn

Produced by: Bridgeport Theatre Company, CT

Directed by: Eli Newsom


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Production: Irena's Vow

Role: Lazar

Produced bySquare One Theatre Company, CT

Directed by: Tom Holehan


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Production: The Seafarer

Role: Sharkey

Produced by: Eastbound Theatre/Milford Center for the Arts, CT

Directed by: Robert Watts



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